33 YouTube Video Ideas to Build Your Social Presence in 2021

Oct 7, 2021

33 YouTube Video Ideas to Build Your Social Presence in 2021

YouTube is a popular video sharing website where users can upload and share videos. YouTube is the second-most visited website in the world after Google. Luckily, creating a YouTube account isn’t difficult but creating a successful YouTube channel is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a lot of patience, hard work and consistency. Consistency is always the key to success. Creating a YouTube channel is completely free. To get you started we have an AI based YouTube name generator for you to select the best channel name based on your chosen keywords. Creating a great Channel and video thumbnail is also a great way to attract attention.Listed below are a few ways you could build your YouTube channel!

1. YouTube channel trailer

Uploading a YouTube channel trailer before getting started will help the viewers know you a little better. Show them the things you like, tell them a little about yourself, your job, your hobbies etc. and give them an idea about the type of content you are going to post. Create a catchy channel name and add channel art to get things started. A strong introduction that puts your personality on display can help you start building your subscribers from day one.

2. Interact with your subscribers

To gain popularity, respond to each and every person who leaves you a comment. This is a good way to start building new relationships with your subscribers. Reply to a few comments that you find interesting. This way, your viewers might feel a little more attached to you and will continue commenting on your videos.

3. Random facts about yourself

Once people start liking your content there is no stop to it. They want to know you even more! They want to know your talents, your age, and a little more about your personal life. Start making fun videos where you tell your viewers a little random facts about yourself.

4. Collaboration

If you have a friend who makes YouTube videos too ask them if they would like to collaborate! It will give both of your channels a boost. Their subscribers might like your videos and vice versa. Interesting right? Try making entertaining videos.

5. Daily routine

People would love to know your daily routine. Be true to your audience; show them what you do when you wake up, show them your workout routine, your morning breakfast, your skincare routine etc.

6. Behind the scenes

People always want to know how you shoot your videos, which software do you use, how you edit your videos and the camera you use etc. Uploading short videos about a glimpse of the “behind the scenes” is always a cherry on the top for you to reach your goal.  

7. Review products

You can review the products you use or the one’s which sponsor you to do so. YouTube is many people’s go-to destination for health and beauty reviews. People love reading reviews of a product before purchasing them.

8. Live stream

Are you going to have a special event someday soon? It could even be your birthday! Come live and show the viewers what you are upto. Reply to their texts.

9. Share your journey

Your journey to success is unique to you and can make a great piece of content. Talking to your audience about the battles and struggles you overcame to be where you are will allow them to draw inspiration from your life. People love learning from the mistakes others face.

10. Tour video

Let your audience peek into your space. You can give them a quick room tour or workspace tour.

11. Current news

Stay on top of the controversies happening around you and give your audience your views on what’s happening.

12. Shopping or haul videos

Take your audience shopping with you! Everyone loves shopping! Who doesn’t? Take them around the mall. Tell them your views about the quality and prices of the clothes you like. You can even tell them the location so that they would explore that place too.

13. Recreate celebrity or movie looks

This would be a really fun video for you as well as your audience. Recreate famous characters and tell your audience about your outfit details etc.

14. Get ready with me

Take your audience on a BTS and show them how you get ready for work, or a day out, or an event.

15. Reaction videos

Reaction videos can be quite entertaining when they are done well. You can make a reaction video on you reacting to your old videos.

16. Prank videos

Prank a friend or a co worker and capture it on camera.

17. Clear out your wardrobe

Planning to clear out your wardrobe? Shoot a video on it. Take your viewers through your wardrobe.

18. Perform a skit

You can perform a skit with friends or co-workers. It could be educational or funny.

19. Travel vlogs

Everyone loves travelling! In case you are planning for a trip to go abroad, capture all your moments. Show your audience about the things you carry while travelling. Take them along a short hotel room tour. Explore new places and tell them what you loved about that place the most.

20. What I eat in a day

Once people start liking your content they want to know what you eat to stay fit. You can show them your meals and even share the recipes!

21. Try celebrity workout routines and vlog about it

Everyone wants to follow a celebrity workout routine. But before getting started they would search for videos on people who have already tried it. You can try the workout for a week and share your reviews about it.

22. Take suggestions

Your viewers always have suggestions for you. So take a note and implement them in your upcoming videos.

23. Introduce your business

If you own a business, make a video to market the products you sell. Talk about your business values and goals. You could also introduce your viewers to your co-workers.

24. Animal videos

If you have a pet, vlog about it. Show your viewers about how you take care of your pets at home. Take them to the vet and vlog.

25. Q&A

Once people get to know you through your videos, they are curious to know you more. So give them a chance! Answer their questions and film it.

26. Funny challenge videos

Internet challenges are fun to do and make for great videos.  Participate in trending challenges and share your stories.

27. What’s on my phone

Show your audience what apps you have on your phone and how you keep everything organized. You can even link your favourite apps in the description box.

28. Play a game

Come along with your friends and colleagues and play a fun game. Choose something that’s entertaining for the audience to watch.

29. Home remedies

People love experimenting with home remedies. Did any home remedy work for you? If yes, share it with your audience!

30. Collections

Show off your collection of jewellery, handbags, perfumes etc.

31. Educational videos

People love learning through your content! Never stop educating your viewers.

32. Test famous diets

One of the most trending diets on Tiktok is the 500 calorie diet. Test it out! And talk about your progress in the video.

33. Thank your viewers and Coronavirus Warriors

Last but not least, express your gratitude towards your viewers who have supported you throughout your journey. Take the time to show your viewers how much their support means to you.

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