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Ad-free video player that can customized for your brands

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Customize to make your own

Customize your video player to match your brand: choose your colors, logo, and thumbnail; add or remove the playbar, speed controls,  and more; and keep your work private with password-protection, domain security & encryptions.

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How to use a video player?

Video player in 3 steps?


Upload your video(s) in mp4, mov etc., on Vadootv with just one click


Customize the look and feel and add interaction to the player to connect


Share videos on your website, on facebook(social), emails, on our landing page and more

High-quality player

Video player that plays videos at 4k resolution and supports all major codecs for high quality playback

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High Quality(HQ) video player
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Embed anywhere

Embed videos on your website, blog, email or anywhere else. Reach to your users on any device or platform.

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Customer love

Our customer love our simple yet powerful video platform

“Vadootv is an excellent video & audio hosting with HD, HLS & CTAs”
Vadootv review- HD video, HLS & CTAs
Aleksandr Soloninov
Software Engineer
“One of best video hosting solution, an alternative to Youtube & Vimeo”
Vadootv vs Vimeo vs Youtube
Adam L
VP, Marketing

Frequently asked questions.

What is an HTML5 Video Player?

An HTML5 Video Player is a library that builds custom controls and themes over top of the HTML5 video element to provide a consistent experience over different browsers.

How to embed video on your website?

1. Upload or record your video on Vadootv
2. Copy the embed code
3. Paste the embed code in website, blog or any
platform that supports html embeds

Which video player is an alternative to video.js or vjs?

Vadootv is a video js alternative that’s not just a video player but a complete video hosting & marketing suite.

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