Video chat bubbles

Personal async video communication

Embed on your website

Record and share your video message and embed it in a video bubble on your website.

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How to use a video chat bubble?

Video chat bubble in 3 steps?


Record or upload a video to your video chat bubble

How to compress a video

Customize the shape & position for your video chat bubble

Share or download

Share your video on your website using the video bubble widget

1 to 1 communication

Allow users to respond with video or audio to your message.

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Use Video chat bubble for

Lead generation & sales, recruitment, testimonial, training & more

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Frequently asked questions.

What is Videoform?

Videoform allows you to have async video
communication to onboard customers, support
train users, generate leads or for
team communication

What is the use of Videoask?

Videoask allows you to have 1:1 personal video
async communication with users, team or
potential leads.

What is shortform video?

Videos over 15 seconds to upto 10 minutes are
shortform videos. Tiktok, YouTube Shorts,
Instagram Reels specialise in 15 seconds to 30
seconds videos.

Simple online
Video Hosting to build better and faster.

The easy way to host, manage & distribute videos.
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