Secure videos online

Sunny Kumar
14 June, 2024
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Protect your videos from unauthorised access

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Provides an ad-free viewing experience to maintain a professional look

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Ensures content security with password protection and domain restrictions

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Offers extensive customization options for branding

Domain security

Domain security allows you can specify which websites are permitted/authorised to embed your video. Videos will not play on websites that are not listed and an error message will be shown

How to secure videos?

Video security in 3 steps?

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Upload- Record or upload your video
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Enable- Enable security features
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Share- Share your videos privately

Password Protection

Securing your video with password protection is an effective way to privately share your video. Users will have to manually enter the password to watch the video

HLS encryption

HLS encryptions adds an extra layer of security to your video by encrypting the videos and prevents unauthorised downloads of the videos

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I secure a video?

1) Password Protected Video
2) Domain Restriction and Security
3) Scheduled videos with expiration links
4) HLS Encryption

How do I share a video securely?

The simplest to share a video is to uploadthe video on a video hosting platform likeVadootv, Vimeo or YouTube and share a privatelink. One can also use cloud hosting platformlike Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive to hostand share the video file securely.

Where can I upload private videos?

1) Vadootv
2) Vimeo Pro
3) YouTube
4) Wistia

What are the advantages of using domain restriction for video security?

Domain restriction limits access to a video based on specified domains or websites. This enhances security by ensuring that only viewers from authorized domains can access the video, preventing unauthorized embedding or sharing on unapproved platforms.

What is HLS encryption?

HLS encryption is a method to protect copyrighted content and prevent unauthorized access to media files streamed over the internet using the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol. It safeguards your videos from unauthorized downloading by tools and video downloaders like Internet Download Manager (IDM). This technology enables video platforms to stream and secure your videos, ensuring they are protected using the latest security technologies.