Jul 9, 2024

Thank you Coronavirus helpers

Sunny Kumar

Say thank you to Coronavirus helpers

Thank you Coronavirus helpers

                      Say thank you to Coronavirus helpers

The advent of Coronavirus(Covid19) has affected a lot of lives and has put immense pressure on the medical infrastructures across the world. It is one of the most deadly diseases the world has ever faced. 

Common signs of this include respiratory complications, fever and cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. The Coronavirus outbreak has brought our lives to a pause and has impacted the entire world like never before. It is currently unclear where the virus has come from. Many people lost their jobs due to covid and a lot of them lost their family members to this deadly virus. During the spread of this virus, public places like shopping malls, restaurants, beaches etc were closed all over the world. Airports were shut down and a lot of countries banned tourists from entering their country.

During these hard times, as the covid cases kept increasing, the frontline workers risked their own lives to save us. It is not only the doctors and nurses who are serving the infected patients but a lot of other medical staff as well have risked their lives in order to look after the patients. Hospital staff, ambulance drivers and sanitation workers are also coronavirus warriors.  It is because of them that we have been able to fight and face such a dangerous virus. Our scientists as well have done remarkably well, working round the clock to provide us with vaccines. The cops have worked day and night to make sure everyone is safe and is staying home.

“Not all heroes wear capes''. This quote is very true for our Coronavirus warriors who selflessly worked during these tough times. They stood as a backbone to provide effective health systems and played an important role in providing health solutions to patients. Some Coronavirus warriors have also sacrificed their own lives while performing their duties during the war against pandemic. Coronavirus warriors have to stay away from their families even after performing their duties so that their family members don’t get infected as they have to work around corona infected people. Apart from this they brought about effective improvements in hospitals. In these tough situations when the whole world was under lockdown, the frontline warriors still went for their duties.  They risked their lives by going outside their homes to work for our safety, just to ensure we are safe and we recover soon.

They are therefore called superheroes! Look at the farmers! During this pandemic, they are working day and night in the fields to grow vegetables and fruits, ensuring that no one sleeps hungry. Everyone is fighting this battle together and we are soon going to overcome it. No words are enough to express our gratitude towards all the coronavirus warriors. Any word of thank you and gratitude is very small for their selfless hard work and dedication. Let us salute and thank our frontline helpers for their diligence and support during these difficult times.

Say thank you to the coronavirus helpers over a virtual video or audio call

It is not safe to visit a coronavirus warrior  in a hospital and endanger them and yourself, so call on video or just ring them over the phone to let them know that you are grateful and you care. It only takes a couple of minutes of your time and will definitely brighten your coronavirus helper(warrior) day.

Send them a thank you note, flowers or sweets saying thanks

Write a personal note and send it to your local hospital doctor or physician. Order a bouquet, sweets or both. Send them simple drawings or artwork. Think of a creative and simple way to say thank you. 

Donate to a charity to support and to say thank you coronavirus(warriors) helpers

Unfortunately the pandemic has forced many workers and helpers out of a job or pushed them to accept pay cuts.. If possible, donate to a charity or relief fund to help these frontline workers in this crisis.

Show your appreciation online through reviews, social media & blog posts

Please express your gratitude through a Google review (Google shared a Doodle!). You can post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to show your appreciation. 

 say "Thank you to Coronavirus helpers and Coronavirus Warriors” in your own way