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Simply share your testimonials request by adding it in emails or message, or just share as a link. In one step customers can quickly record video testimonials without even having to sign up.

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How to collect video testimonials?

Video Testimonials in 3 steps?


Share a link on message, linkedin etc

How to compress a video

Customer replies by recording or uploading a video

Share or download

Embed or share the video testimonial on your website or download as marketing material

All testimonial in one place

Vadootv allows you to collect all video testimonials in the same place in a library. Use them anywhere easily with a share link, embed code or download them to be used in marketing material.

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Reply With Video

Adding a reply with a video button on your sales page  your customers to just click on the button to record a REAL, engaging video testimonial within a few seconds.

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Frequently asked questions.

How do you gather video testimonials?

1) Ask customers personally by sending them an email or giving them a call to ask them to personally record a testimonial.
2) Offer to record the testimonial
3) Show them the value of the testimonial
4) Offer them incentives like discounts or upgrades

What is a testimonial video?

A video testimonial is a video of a customer, client or your user talking about the experience with your product or the company. They usually talk about how the product solve their biggest pain point . They might also talk about who they are and what is there

Where can I use video testimonials?

1) Website
‍2) S
3) Email/ Newsletter
4) Review sites
5) Blog post

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