How to download videos from Vimeo

Step by step guide to download videos from Vimeo

Use cases of downloaded videos

Downloading videos is an optimum way to share content offline. You can make off-line videos for your clients/users to use without Internet or use it for internal learning and training material in video formats. The use cases of downloaded videos are numerous.

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How to download Vimeo videos in these 3 simple steps?

Steps required to download a Vimeo video


Click the download button below the the vimeo video player


On clicking download, choose the res. of the video that you want to download. The options are SD 240p, SD 360p, SD 540p, HD 720p & HD 1080


Once you select the res. and format , the video file will download/save to your computer

Frequently asked questions.

How can video creators enable and disable their videos for download?

After disabled downloading setting, the download button won’t be visible.The setting/config. will be saved and your video will no longer be downloadable. by the users. You you can follow the same steps to turn “allow downloads” on to give users permission to download your videos.

Can I download a Vimeo video to mp3?

No, it is not possible as of now to download a Vimeo video to mp3 to get just the audio files

Can I download a Vimeo video to mp4?

Yes, all Vimeo videos are available to be downloaded in mp4 format

Is there a ‘Vimeo downloader’ tool to make downloading videos super easy?

Vimeo officially does not have a ‘ free vimeo downloader’ or ‘free vimeo ripper’ tool or chrome extension that automatically downloads vimeo video content.

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