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Online Video Hosting is a professional video hosting platform designed for content creators, marketers, educators, and businesses. It provides comprehensive tools to manage, host, market, analyze, and share high-quality videos. The platform features a variety of functionalities to enhance video management and distribution, including personalized landing pages for each video, which are essential for marketing and lead generation. It ensures robust security with HLS encryption, domain-level security, and password protection, making it an ideal choice for hosting sensitive content such as online courses.

Integrated marketing tools such as video chat bubbles, testimonials, and emails are seamlessly integrated into, significantly boosting audience engagement. The platform supports easy integration with popular services like YouTube, WordPress, and Zapier, facilitating extensive content distribution. With its blend of affordability, security, and functionality, emerges as a compelling choice for reliable video hosting and effective marketing solutions, catering to the needs of both small enterprises and large corporations alike.


How to use this Video Hosting Service

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Select a video and upload it to vadoo. You can also import or record  a video using our Voom extension

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Organize and Customize

Manage your content with projects and customize your video player to match your brand

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Share your video on your website, blog, email, social media or anywhere else


Everything you need to host, manage, and share stunning videos

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Video Hosting

Host, manage, and share your videos in full HD video without ads

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Video Player

A hiqh-quality video player that is customizable and can help you interact with your users

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Video landing Page

Landing pages are destination for your videos that help your convert users using videos

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Video Chat Bubble

Welcome or onboard users using video inside a chat bubble

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Video Testimonial

Easiest way to collect video testimonials from customers

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Screen Recorder

Record your screen or webcam or both

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Video Security

Protect your videos from unauthorized access and download

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Podcast Hosting

Upload a podcast, host it on a page, on a podcast channel or distribute it using RSS feed

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Video Email

Add Videos, Youtube videos & Vimeo videos in email for remote pitches and sales

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High-quality video streaming with no ads!

Experience top-notch video streaming with zero interruptions from ads! Enjoy smooth, high-definition playback that enhances viewer satisfaction and engagement. Keep your viewers focused on your content without the distraction of advertisements.

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Video tools to elevate any business

Enhance your business with video tools offering robust analytics, ensuring you track viewer engagement. Prioritize security and privacy with features that protect your content, making it safe and reliable. Elevate your business presence and customer trust effortlessly

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Simple, Secure, and Customizable

Embrace video hosting that is simple, secure, and customizable. Enjoy a user-friendly platform that prioritizes your security and allows you to personalize your video player to match your brand. Perfect for seamless and safe video content management


Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say

“Amazing video app for sales and marketing pros”

After playing around with the app I found myself using this for all my amazed on what vadootv can accomplish.The interface is smooth and the program works flawlessly

Juan Manuel C.
Founder & CEO

Vadootv is an excellent video & audio hosting with HD, HLS & CTAs

It's our main online video hosting platform that makes it easy for us to create, host, manage and distribute our videos company-wide or to specific clients

Aleksandr Soloninov
Software Engineer

“One of best video hosting solution, an alternative to Youtube & Vimeo”

Vadoo is a slick, easy-to-use video hosting service. Since you don't still have the time to upload videos on YouTube or Vimeo, use Vadoo to share your stuff

Adam L
VP, Marketing

Frequently asked questions

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What is Video Hosting?

Video hosting sites and platform allow you to host videos in and distribute with others.

What are top 7 video hosting sites and platform?

1. YouTube
2. Vadootv
3. Vimeo
4. Wistia
5. Streamable
6. Vidyard

How to use amazon s3 for video hosting?

1. Login to AWS
2. Create an Amazon S3 Bucket
3. Make it public
4. Upload the video
5. Get the link
6. Import the video to Vadootv

Does offer a free trial?

Yes, Vadoo offers a 7-day free trial. You just need to subscribe to the plan that suits your needs

Which hosting is best for video streaming?

Vadoo distinguishes itself from other online video hosting platforms with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive set of features.

Why do I need video hosting?

Video hosting is essential for securely storing and sharing your content, protecting it from unauthorized access and piracy.

More than a video hosting service is a feature-rich video hosting platform that excels in customization and security. It offers a highly customizable video player, allowing users to match the player’s look and functionality to their brand’s requirements. Seamless video embedding across various platforms ensures easy integration into websites and social media. The platform prioritizes privacy with ad-free hosting, providing a distraction-free experience for viewers. Its robust analytics offer in-depth insights into viewer engagement, aiding in the optimization of video content for better performance.

A standout feature of is its support for interactive video elements, such as clickable links and call-to-action buttons within videos, enhancing viewer engagement and interaction. Adaptive streaming ensures smooth playback by adjusting video quality based on the viewer's internet speed. Additionally, the platform integrates with various marketing tools, making it easier to incorporate video content into marketing campaigns. This combination of customization, security, and powerful analytics makes it a powerful video hosting solution.

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