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Create as many GIFs from any video straight from your browser without the need for using software by using Vadootv's online converter. Import Youtube links and covert it into GIFs without the need of downloading and uploading again.

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How to Convert YouTube Videos to GIFs

Convert YouTube to GIF in 3 steps

Import the video to Vadootv

Copy the YouTube link and paste it onto our platform. Vadootv will import it, start converting it

How to compress a video

We optimise the GIF for size and dimensions

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Download or save

Click download to save the GIF

Add text, images, anything and everything to your GIF

Make your own funny GIFs, birthday GIFs or reaction GIF's by cropping the image to size and adding elements. You can even turn them into an animated meme since they allow for different text layers. Putting a text above and below the GIF allows it to look like a typical gif expressed in satire form. Add stickers and emojis to make your GIF cool and attractive.

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Increase your reach and social media presence

Make viral posts by adding GIFs of funny and quirky events. This will increase in the views and create virality with your post and help you increase your social media presence.Resize your animated GIFs for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and more by using the crop and cut features in the dashboard.

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Frequently asked questions.

How to make /convert a gif from a youtube video?

1. Import YouTube videos by pasting the link 2. Trim or cut part of the video that you want to keep as GIF 3. Click on Download to save the GIF to use offline

How to make/convert a gif on iphone from youtube?

Vadootv is compatible withy for iPhones and Androids. Just go to site on your mobile browser and use your favorite browser like Chrome or Safari to access it.

How do I add or put text over a GIF?

You can easily text your GIF or add multiple texts on the GIF. Choose a format and style and start typing!

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