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Auto Transcribe your Video’s Audio to Text

Vadootv auto detects languages and translates your video to a transcription, making your video available for users across the globe. You translated videos will also be searchable to people from all around the world.

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How to Transcribe Video to Text

Transcribe video in 3 steps

Select a video to upload

Upload or drag and drop a video file to vadootv

How to compress a video
Transcribe video to text

Vadootv automatically auto transcribe the videos files and creates a subtitle

Share or download
Download/Save text

Click save to download and save your video

Add your Subtitles

You can easily add your own copy of subtitles to make your videos more accessible and attractive, especially on platforms where users can watch silently. It also ensures that your videos are included for deaf or hard of hearing people. You can choose and choose your font and size, create subtitles you want to create fun subtitles that stand out from the crowd!

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High quality Video Transcriptions

Vadootv automated subtitle service offers high accuracy. Our voice recognition software translates your speech into text with minimal errors. You can also add your own distinct words like brand name to make our program more accurate.

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Frequently asked questions.

How do I convert a video to text?

1. Upload a video 2. Click on 'Transcribe’ 3. Go to Download and save text

Can I convert video to text for free?

Transcription service is free for use with limits, do reach out to us for paid plans starting with $29/mon.

How can I convert MP4 to text?

1. Upload your MP4 file to Vadootv - for free!! 2. Convert to Text. Click on Transcribe, watch our service do its wonder

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Our customer love our simple yet powerful video platform

“Vadootv is an excellent video & audio hosting with HD, HLS & CTAs”
Vadootv review- HD video, HLS & CTAs
Aleksandr Soloninov
Software Engineer
“One of best video hosting solution, an alternative to Youtube & Vimeo”
Vadootv vs Vimeo vs Youtube
Adam L
VP, Marketing

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