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Sunny Kumar
14 June, 2024
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Your ultimate solution for converting your files to MKV for free

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Effortlessly convert your videos into MKV files in no time

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Enhance shareability by converting your video to MKV

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A free, easy-to-use, online video to MKV converter

How to convert your video file format to MKV online

Capture your audience’s attention with the power of video. With the Vadoo MKV converter tool, converting any video to MKV is a breeze. Open the video converter anytime, anywhere on your desktop or mobile device. Here are the simple steps to convert your video:

Upload: Click the “Choose Files” button to select the file you want to convert.

Convert: Click the "Convert to MKV" button and wait a few minutes for the conversion to complete.

Download: Once the conversion is finished, proceed to download the file to your device.

Instant video converter without installation

Convert videos instantly with our no-installation-required online tool. Simply upload your file and get your converted video in moments. Fast, secure, and hassle-free - transform your videos effortlessly, directly from your browser


The tool is highly intuitive and requires no manual reading for operation

Convert your video to MKV in moments

Easily convert any video file to MKV in seconds with our user-friendly tool. Enjoy rapid and efficient conversion without compromising on quality. Ideal for all your multimedia needs, whether it’s for sharing online, editing, or playback on any device

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert a video to MKV for free?

This tool allows you to quickly and easily transform videos into MKV files. Moreover, it is powered by Vadoo, ensuring professional-quality results in moments.

What is an MKV video converter?

An MKV video converter is a tool that transforms video files into the MKV format, which is widely compatible across various devices and platforms. It enables users to convert any video file format into MKV, enhancing accessibility and usability across different media players and devices.

What types of video files does the MKV converter tool accept?

The tool is compatible with multiple file formats including MOV, WMV, AVI, and others.