Jul 9, 2024

How to quote messages on discord?

Sunny Kumar

A complete overview on how to quote messages on Discord!

How to quote messages on discord?

How to quote messages on discord?

Discord is one of the best places that let you make a home with your family and friends. Users communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media, files, and a lot more. Discord is one of the most popular socializing apps and is free to use. 

Discord is getting so popular because many official games like Fortnite and Survivio are using the servers to communicate. It is very cheap, and it is free to start a server. It also contains no ads so that way you can chat freely.

Discord was created for people who loved to play games but now, it is used by everyone from local hiking clubs, to art communities and even study groups. You can make your server and invite your friends to it. 

Discord offers some advanced features that make your server more similar to online communities than simple chat rooms, including real-time audio and video conversations, custom emoji, and custom roles that distinguish users and what not! 

One essential feature seen in other messaging apps like WhatsApp, Slack, and Skype is the ability to quote messages from others. For a long time, discord did not have a built-in feature that would let you quote messages. However, now, Discord has finally introduced the ability for users to quote messages on the platform. 


Four ways to quote messages on discord

  1. Single-line quoting
  2. Using code blocks
  3. Using a quote chatbot
  4. Multi-line quoting

  1. Single-line quoting

Single-line quoting can be used on texts that may use a single line for quoting. All you need to do is tap on < click on space and then write your message and press enter. 

Step 1: Open discord and click on the server where you want to quote the message.

Step 2: type > symbol and hit space once. 

Step 3: Type in your one-line message and tap enter to send the message. 

These all are single-line quotes

  1. Using code blocks

Discord has introduced the code blocking feature that allows you to quote messages. By using code blocks, you can easily highlight a message on Discord. A code block is a part of a text in Discord that gives a different color to the text. 

The other color highlights the text and makes the text appear more obvious to any readers and also for aesthetic purposes. 

Here’s how you can use code blocks to quote messages on Discord:

Step 1: Open the discord server where you want to send a quoted message 

Step 2: Write the message or copy-paste it between two back-tick symbols (`). For example; `hello world`

Step 3: Press ‘shift+ enter’ to continue the message as shown below.

Step 4: Lastly, hit ‘enter’ to send the quoted message. 

That’s it! 

  1. Using a quote chatbot

Several Github bots provide a quote functionality suite for Discord. These bots are created by independent developers and are available on Github. 

However, there aren’t many choices for such bots. To use the most popular one, you will need to have BetterDiscord installed. 

You can add a quote bot by using the steps given below 

Step 1: on, invite the bot ‘quote of the day ’ on your server. 

Step 2: Add the server where you want to use this bot as shown

Step 3: Click on Continue to get started. 

Step 4: The bot will be added to your server. 

You can quote a message by adding @Quote of the day and then typing in your message or quote. Check below!

Quotes For Everyone is a bot that will send random quotes. It also sends quotes automatically every day and doesn't need any setup.  

  1. Multi-line quoting

You can use the multi-line quoting method when you want to quote a message that takes up more than one line, such as a paragraph or a long text message. 

you can type “>>>” followed by a space at the beginning of your message to make everything you type in that message part of the quote. Until the end of the message, multi-line quoting will be included in the quote.

Let’s take a look at the steps

Step 1: Open the discord app on your laptop and open the server where you want to add the quoted text.

Step 2: Now, type >>> and hit the spacebar once.

Step 3: Now type in the message or paragraph that you want to quote.

Step 4: Tap on ‘enter’ to send the text. 

Wrapping up!

Quoting is like highlighting a particular message and replying only to a single message. Or it can be used if you want to reply to a text exclusively or put up a notice. We hope the above ways and steps of quoting helped you.

Happy Quoting! 😊