How to make a poll on discord

Dec 27, 2021

How to make a poll on discord (A step-by-step guide)

Discord is one of the best places that lets you make a home with your family and friends. Users communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media, files and a lot more. Discord is one of the most popular socializing apps and is absolutely free to use. Discord was originally created for people who loved to play games but now, it is used by everyone from local hiking clubs, to art communities and even study groups. You can make your own server and invite your friends to it. A server is basically groups or spaces on discord and any user can start a new server for free. Some larger servers are public where you can meet people of different countries with the same hobbies and interests. Discord also has a feature called DM’s (Direct Message) and GDM’s (Group Direct Message). Most DMs are one-on-one conversations, but users have the option to invite up to nine others to the conversation to create a private group DM, with a maximum size of ten people. Discord Hubs for Students allow students to verify their Discord account with their official student email, and unlock access to an exclusive hub for students at their school. In study groups people can also share their screen with their classmates, friends or students to discuss a topic and share knowledge. 

Contents of this article: 

  1. What are polls? 
  2. How to make a poll on discord using emoji reactions?
  3. How to create a poll on discord using a bot?
  4. How to create a poll on discord using easy poll?
  5. Uses of polls

What are polls?

A poll is a great way of understanding people’s choices and helps you know what idea works for each of them. Polls are widely used during the time of elections in a state or a country and it gives us insights on the probability of a particular political party winning the seat. It gives them an idea of how popular their party is in a particular state or region. Polls can be used when you need a quick and short idea of customers choices and feedback and don't need a detailed analysis of their preferences. 

How to make a poll on discord using emoji reactions? 

Step 1: Open the discord app on your laptop or computer. An emoji poll let’s people answer a poll using an emoji reaction. Emoji reaction polls are really useful when you want to create polls without inviting a bot to your server. 

Step 2: click on the server’s icon. Any user can start a new server for free and invite their friends to it. Discord allows you to create your own server for a community group, family and friends etc. Remember that only if you created the server only then you will be able to create an emoji reaction poll. Others on the server do not have an option of creating a poll on the server you own. 

Step 3: Before creating a poll do not forget to mention “@everyone” before you put in your poll questions. To move to the next line press ‘Shift + Enter’ pressing just enter will post your poll on the group.

Step 4: It’s as simple as that! The members of your channel can answer your poll question by posting a reaction to your question with the emojis mentioned.

How to create a poll on Discord using a Bot

It’s super easy to use a poll bot. Poll Bot lets you easily create polls using reactions and Strawpolls!

Strawpolls are used to show the popular opinion on a certain poll, and can also be used to help politicians know the majority opinion of the audience and help them decide what to say in order to gain votes. 

Step 1: Open the “” poll bot. This is an invitation page for the poll bot. 

Step 2: now click on the “Invite” option at the upper right side which is pink in color and invite the bot to your server. 

Step 3: login to your discord account and select a server, then click continue. 

Step 4: After completing the verification process click on “authorize”.  Now the bot will be added to your server. 

Step 5: Now you are all set to use the poll bot on your server. 

The poll bot allows you to use three types of polls.

  1. Yes/No reaction poll
  2. Multiple reaction poll
  3. Strawpoll 

Every bot has a command. Let’s have a look at the commands that should be used to create a poll using the poll bot on your discord server.

  1. Yes/No reaction bot

Command: +poll how has your year gone so far?

The bot will automatically react to your poll with a thumbs up(👍), thumbs down(👎)and a shrug emoji (🤷). Other members on the server can react to this poll using different emoji reactions as well.  

  1. Multiple reaction poll

Command: +poll {please select a place you would like to visit} [ London] [Paris] [Turkey] [India]

This bot lets you add over 26 options as they are 26 letters in the English alphabet. The members on your server can react to this poll by selecting an option of their choice.

  1. Strawpoll 

Command: +Strawpoll {what’s your favorite fast food?} [Pizza] [Burger] [Pasta]

After creating a straw poll, a link will be provided immediately. Those who want to vote can click on the link and put in their vote. Only the person who created the Strawpoll has the right to view the results via the link and he/she can then share it with others. 

How to create a poll using EasyPoll bot

EasyPoll bot is another popular polling server used widely on discord to create a poll. 

Step 1: open the EasyPoll bot on chrome or any internet server and click the “Add to server” option at the bottom left. 

Step 2: Type in your server’s name and click on continue to add the bot to your server. 

Step 3: complete the verification process and click on authorize. 

Step 4: join the EasyPoll discord, this opens a welcome screen for the EasyPoll bot.

Step 5: type “/poll” and select a type of poll. 

If you created a timed poll, the poll will close automatically after the time period ends. If you created an untimed poll (or just want to end your timed poll early), just type /closepoll and press Enter or Return to end the poll.

Uses of polls

Polls are research tools to understand opinions and decisions made by the public. They are useful to let you know the opinions of different people. Polls are also useful for political parties in a region or for voting a head girl, head boy or the monitor for your class. Polls can also help you find out what the public thinks about a particular question or issue. 

Now you are all set to use discord bots on your server! 



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