How to make an interactive video like Bandersnatch

Create a dynamic and personalized experience like bandersnatch for video viewer with funnels, CTAs, forms and questions

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How to create a Interactive videos like Bandersnatch?


Record or upload your videos or podcasts using our dashboard

How to compress a video

Go to marketing section and add Video funnels, polls, CTAs or forms to make videos interactive

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Integrate it on your blog, website, email or our landing page

Interactive videos

Interactive videos turns any video into an engaging viewing experience increase retention and conversions for your users.

Add Buttons and forms

Use video funnels to create Bandersnatch like interactive videos or turn your visitors into customers with a personal touch.
Get users to answer polls or questions at a relevant time in the video.

Ask Interactive Polls & Questions

Add CTAs for users to take action before, during or after the video.
Also capture contact information from users to better understand them with a signup form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make interactive videos?

1. Import or upload a video
2. Go to marketing section
3. Add funnels, CTAs, questions or forms

How to make interactive youtube videos?

1. Import a YouTube video
2. Go to marketing section
3. Add funnels, CTAs, questions or forms

What platforms are supported?

We currently support Vadootv, YouTube, Vimeo, AWS S3
, Google Drive or any public mp4 videos